Past & Future Vase 1


Image of Past &  Future Vase 1 Image of Past &  Future Vase 1 Image of Past &  Future Vase 1 Image of Past &  Future Vase 1

Three piece vase inspired by African pattern design & Roman mythology. Height approximately 15cm (6 inches), Width approximately 17cm (7 inches)

The concept of this design is influenced by Roman mythology surrounding the god of Janus. The god of beginnings and transitions, who looks to the future and the past. I was thinking of how this influences us on a daily basis, depicting our moments of thinking about past events whether happy or sad and being hopeful for the future. How much time is used to contemplate both if not enough on the present, which resembles the base on which the heads and torsos rests.

Each head piece can be lifted up and be filled with water for flowers or you can use it for succulents or air plants. Each head/ torso rests within a lower body perched on tiny legs.

The original design was hand sculpted by myself after which plaster moulds were made with it. This particular piece consists of 4 individual plaster moulds. The plaster moulds takes about a week to dry out and to get it ready for the slip casting process. When the clay forms are revealed it is dipped into another layer of coloured slip to prepare it for Sgraffito*. When the clay is leather hard the pattern is scratched into the surface. All patterns are unique to each piece.

The facial features are sculpted and refined afterwards. All my materials are obtained from reputable UK ceramic suppliers.
The price is an honest reflection of the time it takes to create this pot from start to finish including a two stage kiln firing process i.e. one for bisque and one for glazing. Handmade with care from start to finish.

*Sgraffito is form of decoration made by scratching through a surface to reveal a lower layer of a contrasting colour, typically done in plaster or stucco on walls, or in slip on ceramics before firing.